Season 7 Episode 4 Nov 30, 2021

Should we all be thinking about design justice?


Have you accumulated ethical and social debt?


In this episode, we talk about design justice with Wesley Taylor, Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University and steering committee member at the Design Justice Network, and Boaz Sender, the principal at Bocoup.


Ben Halpern

Forem - Co-founder

Ben Halpern is co-founder and webmaster of DEV/Forem.

Christina Gorton

Forem - Developer Advocate

Christina Gorton is a Developer Advocate at Forem. She is a LinkedIn Instructor and technical writer.


Wesley Taylor

Virginia Commonwealth University - Assistant Professor

Wesley Taylor is a print maker, graphic designer, musician, animator, educator, mentor, and curator. Wesley roots his practice in performance and social justice. Wesley’s individual practice is inextricably linked to his collective practices, which consists of a constellation of collectives he has helped form for over 20 years which includes Design Justice Network, Complex Movements, Talking Dolls Detroit. Wesley is currently an Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in the Department of Graphic Design.

Boaz Sender

Bocoup - Principal

Boaz Sender is the founder of Bocoup, an inclusive technology consulting firm. Along with running Bocoup day-to-day, Boaz contributes to other projects related to art, technology, and social justice including Design Justice, StopLAPDSyping, and the Processing Foundation

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