Season 7 Episode 5 Dec 9, 2021

How To Be a Successful Whistleblower


Effect change and protect yourself along the way.


In this episode, we talk about how to be a better whistleblower with Ariella Steinhorn and Amber Scorah, the CEO and the President of Lioness, and the creators of The Tech Workers Handbook.


Ben Halpern

Forem - Co-founder

Ben Halpern is co-founder and webmaster of DEV/Forem.

Christina Gorton

Forem - Developer Advocate

Christina Gorton is a Developer Advocate at Forem. She is a LinkedIn Instructor and technical writer.


Ariella Steinhorn

Lioness - CEO and Founder

Ariella is founder of Lioness, a new media company that pokes at power. She has guided hundreds of people through sharing their story with the media and public, and believes in the power of storytelling to shift culture.

Amber Scorah

Lioness - President

Amber is a writer, speaker, author of the memoir Leaving the Witness. She is president and partner at Lioness and a Dean's fellow at Harvard. She has helped hundreds of people put their own thoughts to paper and bring their stories to the world via the media.

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